So I Guess Introductions Are In Order….

By Chrissy Shackelford, Education and Outreach Associate

I am the new addition to the Education Department, working as the Education and Outreach Associate.  However, I’m not totally brand new.  This is my third year working with the Paramount as a teaching artist and performer for Story Wranglers and dance teacher for Summer Camps.  I’m extremely excited to take on a full- time role with this department and Theater that I love.  When working with a brand new group of kids that need to get to know each other, I always play icebreaker games, so I’m going to play some with this computer screen to introduce myself.

First game: TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE.  I will tell you 3 things about me, two of them will be true, two of them will be a lie- you decide!

My favorite color is purple.
My hair is brown.
I once skateboarded across the Grand Canyon, all the pictures from that trip burned in a tragic toaster oven fire or I would show you.

WHICH ONE IS A LIE?? You decide!

Next game: DESERT ISLAND.  I can only take 5 movies with me on a desert island, which movies do I take?

1. Almost Famous
2. A League of Their Own
3. Mighty Ducks 2 (The best of the trilogy)
4. Big Business
5. Center Stage

Last game: ADJECTIVE NAME GAME.  Everyone goes in a circle and says an adjective that begins with the same letter as your name.  I’ll go first!


Thanks for getting to know me!  I look forward to all the amazing work in this department, see you around!

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