Interview with Katie Kohler, Story Wrangler Company Member

By Pierce Purselley, Literacy to Life Program Manager


We sat down with local artists Katie Kohler, who is a Paramount Story Wrangler, and asked her about her experiences with the Wranglers.

What is a Paramount Story Wrangler?

A creative collaborator who brings children’s written stories to the stage before their very eyes.  They share a passion for the arts and for extending artistic opportunities to others.

What makes the Paramount Story Wranglers special?

The people who come together to put up the shows, the kids who write the stories and their reactions when they see their story performed, the teachers and parents that also see and hear about the kids’ excitement and creativity.

What’s your favorite memory of being a Paramount Story Wrangler?

SWstill4-19The song at Blackshear Elementary “Rock Out”…Just Awesome…It was my first Paramount Story Wrangler show.  So Happy.

Many times the Story Wranglers gives back to us adults too.  The Paramount Story Wranglers helps me get over my fear of singing in front of others to better my acting career.

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