T5: Teaching Science With Theatre!

Stacey Volland, Education & Outreach Associate and Chad Dike, Education & Outreach Programs Manager have spent the last week (and most of the semester) bouncing between Highland Park Elementary and J.J. Pickle Elementary bringing T5 (Teaching the TEKS Through Theatre) to the 4th graders on each campus. They’ve also been working at Reilly Elementary this semester!

At Highland Park the students have been learning about mechanical energy.  Stacey & Chad have been using drama based activities to help the students learn the differences between potential and kinetic energy – as well as exploring the concepts of force and motion.  One of the ways they did this was by having relay races exploring the pushing and pulling of objects – such as a ball across the carpet – and how much force you need to get scarves into a hoop.  They relays added a whole new level of fun when talking about mechanical energy!

At J.J. Pickle, the students are studying the water cycle.  Chad & Stacey (Or should I call her Mr. Drop!) are using creative drama strategies to not only teach the steps of the water cycle (Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and Collection), but they also encouraged the students to write a story that takes place in the world of the water cycle.  In this particular lesson, Stacey went into role as Mr. Drop – a drop of water that has been around for centuries.  He comes into the room, sings a little ditty about the water cycle, and then asks the students to imagine the “story” that can be found within the water cycle.  Not just boring old science anymore!

The T5 program is just one of the many ways the Paramount Academy for the Arts continues to bring the arts to AISD classrooms!

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