Another Interview…

I interviewed Chrissy Shackelford, a resident Story Wrangler for The Paramount Theatre.  Here is what she had to say about Wrangling some stories.


Me:  Hello Chrissy

Chrissy: Why, hello.  How are you?

Me: I am well and how about yourself?

Chrissy: I am fantabulous.

Me:  That is terrific.  May I ask you a couple of questions about The Story Wranglers.

Chrissy: Yes!! Please do!!

Me: Chrissy, in your words, how would you explain a Story Wrangler to someone?

Chrissy:  A Story Wrangler is anyone who has a story to tell and the love and energy to tell it.

Me:  How would I spot a Story Wrangler??

Chrissy: A Story Wrangler is someone who likes zombies, princesses, giants, fairies, and monsters.

Me: What makes a Story Wrangler different?

Chrissy: Story Wranglers are special because of their ability to jump into anything and channel their kid at heart.

Me:  I could be a Story Wrangler!!

Chrissy:  Yes, Yes, YES. We all could and should.  In my opinion.  Vote for me.

Me:  What is something that you will always remember as a Story Wrangler?

Chrissy: Being able to fulifill my lifelong dream of being a robot dancer.

Me:  Can’t argue with that!!

Chrissy: Make sure to check us out on the Facebook!! And follow us on Twitter @StoryWranglers

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