The Story Wranglers AND CultureMap

CultureMap, Austin’s daily digital magazine, wrote a FANTABULOUS piece about The Story Wranglers’ public show that was this past Tuesday.

(And don’t worry, take a deep breath, find one of those bags that they use in movies on airplanes to breathe into, and know that we will have another show THIS February 28th at 7p, Stateside at The Paramount!!!)

Some great quotes from the piece….

‘After years of performing their shows only in Austin area schools, The Story Wranglers are ready to present their first public performance for audiences of all ages.”

“Our big finale numbers are all big Broadway style numbers. And we’ve gone back through all of our productions to collect all the best numbers,” says Luck. “It really is going to be an amazingly awesome show.”

(And Luck is our Education & Outreach Director here at The Paramount, Jennifer Luck, an awesome chick who leads a double life as a rock star.  You can see her rock out at the public show.  I think they just use her last name to be fancy.)

Here it is AGAIN!!!

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