Send Us Your Stories!

Calling all young artists! Have you been dreaming about dinosaurs with mustaches?! Writing about overgrown wizards?! Thinking about bureaucratic tigers!?! We want you to send us your stories. TODAY!  RIGHT NOW!  Any topic, any length, anything you can think of.

All stories must be 100 percent kids! You don’t need mom, you don’t need dad. You don’t even need the TV.  All stories should be original, new, and creative – exactly as the young artist created it, no edits or corrections needed!!!

Parents and guardians – just send us your child’s story from your email address to OR post under the comments
section of this blog.

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One Response to Send Us Your Stories!

  1. Dann Fuller says:

    Once upon a time when i was a little girl i lived weth my parents her in austin and there was a tornado too blocks away there was a tornado and we didn’t paneck we just went to the basement and slept there like there was a bed food and a radio with batteress so the next day we ate some serial with milk and then we left to go upstairs to checkout what hapened and broke a car in half so we went back inside. in the basement we palyd a little bet of chekers, tictacto, board games and hotcoco. we became mush more closer after that tornado.

    Kelly Fuller
    Age 8

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