Youth Theatre Performace Featured in the Austin American Statesman

Our Youth Theatre performance this past Saturday was a huge success, and we even got an article published in the paper:

The show was a series of interviews and satirical sketches about the budget cuts in Texas schools.  While the article focuses on the students’ anger about the budget cuts, most of the feedback I got from the audience was how beautiful the three stories were that we got from people we interviewed for the play. 

The first person we interviewed was a Board Member of the Paramount Theatre who grew up in poverty in the segregated south and through education became a successful lawyer. We interviewed the mother of a girl whose son has Autism; they moved to Pflugerville, Texas because of the school system’s tremendous special education program, only to find out the program is being cut after her son had made tremendous progress. The final interview we use in the show is from a theatre teacher at an Austin Title I school who found out this year that her job had been cut. What was more important to us than making a political statement with our performance was capturing the voices and stories that we don’t read about in the newspaper.

After the performance, all the students were thrilled with the positive response and turnout.  As Jim Ritts, our new Executive Director, described it: “It was a proud day for the theatre.”

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