Literacy to Life wins the Impact Austin Grant!

Words can’t express how proud we are to have won the Impact Austin grant for $108,400 for our Literacy to Life program, a creative writing and theatre program for low income third grade students in Austin public schools.

Impact Austin is a 501(c)(3) public charity made up of women seeking to transform lives in the Austin area through high-impact and lifelong giving. The only membership requirements are to be female and donate $1000 each year. Impact Austin combines the annual donations from members and gives large grants each year to worthy causes selected by members representing Culture, Education, Environment, Family, Health/Wellness. To date, Impact Austin has donated more than 1.3 million to local area charities.

The Paramount Theatre is the proud winner of the Arts and Culture category.   It is awarded to our Literacy to Life program where we work in low income schools to get students to write stories.  At the end of our eight week residency, we take all the students’ journals and adapt and perform their writing for the whole school.  The Impact Austin grant will allow us to go from working with one low income classroom each semester to five classrooms.  Over the course of two years, we will have empowered over 400 students through theatre and creative writing.

In a time when schools are having to make drastic budget cuts, the Education and Outreach program at the Paramount Theatre is proud to help supplement arts education in Austin public schools.

A very big thank you to Impact Austin to allowing us to grow so quickly with a program that has and will convince so many students of the motto of Literacy to Life: “You are writers.”

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