Literacy to Life at Hart Elementary

It is our 4th semester of Literacy to Life, and I couldn’t be happier with this group of 3rd graders at Hart Elementary.

Literacy to Life is a FREE eight-week school residency program that takes place in low income Title-I classrooms. Teaching artists use interactive drama, storytelling, and writing exercises to help students develop creative writing skills and an enthusiasm for language arts.  After the eight weeks of creative writing workshops, our ensemble of professional actors take the student’s writings and bring them with a performance in front of the whole school.

Enjoy some pictures below:

This is Ms. Spicer’s class.  They are a fun group with a lot of energy and powerful imaginations.  They have a lot of fun writing, but they really have no idea how cool it is going to be to have adult actors performing their stories in front of the whole school.

Here the students are getting ready to act out a story with one of our teaching artists, Josh.

Here they are rehearsing.  We were working on using our bodies to create images with poetry.

Here some students are acting out a poem with me.  My favorite part about this program is seeing the student’s confidence grow after out eight weeks with them.

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