Pictures from our Summer Theatre Academy

Last Friday we finished the Paramount and State Theatre’s first Summer Theatre Academy.  It was a great experience, and I was really impressed with all the skills the students learned in just two weeks.  The camp was sold out and I am looking forward to it growing substantially next summer.  Enjoy the pictures below:

Tom Booker’s improv class was an academy favorite.  In the class they learned about saying “yes” to each other, exercising their imaginations, and creating strong characters.

At the end of everyday we did acknowledgments, where students recognized other students and teachers for great things they accomplished that day. 

Here are students working hard in Musical Theatre with Heather.  In this class they were working on “We Go Together,” from Grease.

In their scene study class the students worked on scenes, but their teacher, Abra, also took a day to teach about shadow puppets from her time in Cambodia.

Who would imagine kids at an acting camp wanting to pose in front of the camera.  Overall, it was a great week!

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