Literacy to Life at Allan Elementary

Our third installation of Literacy to Life has begun at Allen Elementary.  

Each semester, we will offer this program for free to a Title I school (where half or more of the student population is below the poverty line).

This semester we are working with a 3rd grade classroom at Allen Elementary in East Austin.  We will be working with the students for eight weeks using drama as a tool to get them excited about writing.  At the end of the eight weeks we are going to take their stories and hire 15 professional actors to perform their stories for their whole school.  

Below are pictures from our work so far. 

Students are laughing and getting ready to perform a group story they wrote.

The theme for this day was “writing personal narratives.”  Here, students are acting out one of our teaching artist’s stories about going on vacation and being trapped in a cabin with a bat.

After we acted out the group stories, the students had individual writing time.  JT is very proud of his story about what he learned from getting in trouble in 2nd grade.

At the end of each class, we leave time for some of the students to share what they wrote.  They can either read it themselves or have one of the teaching artists read it.  Here I am reading Lindsey’s story, which was a really sweet tale about when her baby brother was born.  It was a really good day!

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