The Wolf has left the building!

Peter and the Wolf Workshops 060

This weekend the Paramount Theatre presented Peter and the Wolf, the first show of our Playtime Series.

Picture 3

I thought it was a great show.  The set was beautiful, the actors were great, and the songs were fantastic.  I saw three year old children who didn’t squirm the whole show.  Some told me it was one of the best kid shows we’ve had at the Paramount.

Over the course of three days we had over 3,000 children at our theatre.  During one school show, a six year old child walked into the theater and said, “This is the fanciest theatre I have ever been to!”

Below are pictures from the day of the public show and some pictures from our pre-show workshops.

Peter and the Wolf Workshops 027

Peter and the Wolf Workshops 033

Before the show Theatre Action Project, a non-profit that uses theatre as a tool to address social issues such as bullying, ran a craft activity with kids before the show.  The kids got to make bird, wolf, cat, or duck puppets.  They did a great job and the puppets looked great!


For the pre-show workshop, I began by reading the story of Peter and the Wolf.  This is a pictures at Barnes and Noble where I was actually in a forest.  Very appropriate.


Next I play the music on a CD and the kids got up and acted out the characters.  Here I am playing a cardboard replication of a french horn.  The little girl in this picture was so inspired that she stayed onstage with me the whole time.  I almost tripped on her five times.  What are you going to do?


Finally, I went into role as the wolf and was very upset that everyone thought I was scary and mean.


The kids then came up one by one to say things to make me feel better.  One kid said, “It looks like you are having a bad day.  I know how you feel.”

Goodbye Wolf.  I know that eating birds and ducks are out of your control, but thank you for letting us tell a great story about you that entertained thousands.

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