School show are sold out!

The school year has begun and we have very exciting shows for schools and families.  All of our school performances are sold out, we even added a performance for two of our shows.  Our school audience has grown from 6,000 students attending our theatre to 14,000 students attending our theatre.  70 percent of those students will be from Title I schools, where half or more of the student population are at or below the poverty line.   I hope we will see you at theatre!

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One Response to School show are sold out!

  1. Lynn Allen says:

    I would like to sponsor a performance at our middle school that addresses bullying in an entertaining yet poignant way in conjunction with an anti-bullying activities (as well as promoting tolerance and understanding) we are planning for the first two weeks in December or in January.

    I am writing to get more information about your performances, cost and availability; and whether you travel to school sites. I am inquiring for one specific school, but we actually have two middle schools for which I would interested if this is a possibility.

    Please contact me by phone or via email at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.


    Lynn Allen
    Multicultural Education Department
    Oak Park Elementary School District 97
    (708) 524-7700 or 7701

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