The Paramount Youth Theatre Company Performs on the Historic Paramount Stage


The Paramount Youth Theatre ended on a high note when the teenagers performed at the Paramount for almost 200 people!  For many of them, it was their first time acting, and I can’t think of a better place to learn about performing than on the Paramount stage.  The show was well received by the audience; it was funny, moving, and smart.  One of my favorite comments was, “You all give us hope about your generation and the future.” 

It was an excellent summer.  I really enjoyed getting to know these youth.  The growth I saw in just two months was remarkable.  It was also great that we were able to pay the youth to be a part of this program and help them learn that working in the arts is labor that should be recognized.  Most of these teens won’t go on to be actors for a career, but it was clear that they will use the skill they learned in this program to be leaders in their community.  I can’t wait for next summer.


Here is Adam, our student lighting designer, working with the Paramount’s lighting board.  A special thank you to the Paramount technical staff for mentoring the teenagers and giving them the opportunity to work in a professional theatre.



Many artists would love to perform on this stage.  What a great opportunity for these teens!


During the talkback, the youth in the company were able to clearly articulate what the show meant to them and how they devised it.

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