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My name is Nat Miller, and I am the new Education/Outreach Director at the Paramount Theatre. 
Last summer I received my MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth from the University of Texas-Austin. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work right out of graduate school.

In the eight short months I’ve been here, the outreach program has grown very quickly.  We have more than 10,000 children coming to our school shows this year, 80% from Title I schools (where half or more of the population is below the poverty line) who pay only $2 a ticket.  Sometimes we are able to waive the fee altogether and pay for transportation as well.

So far this year, we have visited more than 30 schools to do free pre-show workshops.

We printed 10,000 free color study guides for every student attending our shows.

We piloted a project called “Literacy to Life” where we take the writings of third grade students and act them out using professional actors.

We piloted another program at Metz Elementary school where I used theatre techniques as a way to teach core curriculum.

As we work with all these great kids in Travis and Williamson counties, we accumulate a lot of great stories about our program. Whether it’s teachers telling us how much this experience has meant to their students, or a second grade student after my science workshop handing me a note that says, “Now I love science,” we are excited to have a medium to share all the terrific things the Paramount does for kids.

As you scroll down, I hope you enjoy reading about it as much I have enjoyed being a part of this great program. 





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