Junie B. Jones was a huge success!!!




We just finished two days of Junie B. Jones, and it was a smashing hit!  Both shows were sold out — people loved the play! Our two school shows were also sold out. When the show ended and the curtain closed, you could hear the collective, “No!” from the audience. They loved the show and wanted more. 

One teacher at J.J. Pickle Elementary, wrote this of the experience:

 “Wow!  The students and staff of J. J. Pickle are impressed!  Junie B. Jones will always be remembered by the  J. J. Pickle Kindergarten Class of 2009. 

The study guide provided us with great follow up activities.  I can’t believe they were free.  What an amazing learning experience!    

It is critical that the children in J.J. Pickle have the opportunity to experience life outside of poverty.  Thank you for providing these experiences.”

Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones!


A talk-back with the cast of Junie B. Jones.


Backstage with Junie!


Here are students from Linder Elementary school. More than 400 students attended this show for less than 50 cents a child.

Here are some letters from the kids at Linder:



I really like this letter, because it is clear that Anthony is able to cope with getting glasses by seeing how Junie was able to do it as well.  

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