Who wants to go to Narnia?

For our production of Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, I facilitated classroom workshops where I asked the students to pretend to go to Narnia and defeat the White Witch.  The goal of the workshop was to get students to work together to solve probelms, and to think about how theatre asks them to use their imagination instead of their television set doing all of the work for them.  Below are pictures from the workshops and a talkback with the cast after the show.  


I entered the classroom as Mr. Tumnus, and asked the kids to join me to defeat the White Witch.  I told them I picked them because they know how to solve problems non-violently. 


Of course they have to meet Aslan along the way! 


We also had to steal the keys from the guard in order to get into the White Witches castle.


The classroom teacher played the White Witch.  Scary!  Luckily we defeated her by tricking her into thinking we were frozen.  Works every time!


Aslan visits book people as well!

A talkback with the actors of the production.

A talkback with the actors after the show.

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